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4451 Progress moving at incredible speed, all things considered

September 25, 2018 9:36 PM | Anonymous

Thanks to a recent addition to the car barn roster, Andy has started to work on removing layers, and layers of paint, filler, and rust, on the exterior of 4451. The goal is to stabilize the end walls, that have rotted away from the floor.

One of the windows damaged during the vandalism was this motorman's windshield. Here you can see it has been removed and the sash is currently waiting for the custom ordered glass.

This may be one of the most exciting things we have to report! 

LOOK, you can see the first ceiling panel being reinstalled ! 

Being that this car started the season with a completely rotted roof, and ceiling fallen in, to here, with it's roof structure completely restored to the point that panels can be reinstalled, we are doing the happy dance! The Car Department has not at all let the vandalism stifle our progress on 4451. If anything, just the opposite! 

Hear on the left, going down the side of the car above the windows, the newly custom made trim is installed. This trim was all severely rotted out from water intrusion, and this very detailed trim pattern was not a small order to recreate. 

Huge thank you to Fred L. for supplying 4451 with two marker windows! Here you can see one being installed.

A quick shot of the roof above with all the completed center roof ribs..... so clean and straight !

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