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Many hands pushing to get 304 put back together for River Fest

August 13, 2018 5:13 PM | Anonymous

As many are aware, the museum suffered a terrible loss at the beginning of July, when two young boys burglarized the car barn and vandalized each and every car inside. 304, an original car to our line, was not spared. As you can see the remains of a door that was beaten almost to death!

Thanks to Steve with, here you see the door fully restored, and ready for installation. Quite a difference from the picture above huh!  Thanks so much Steve! The door was successfully installed this past weekend and looks fantastic!

Here we can see Strother Purcy, of Chicago Window and Door Solutions installing the custom arched Florentine glass. This was truly like watching an artist!

Here you can see a custom piece of wood be made from scratch with only hand tools, to fit the side of the car. This is how it was done 95 years ago when this car was built! Sue is making sure everyone has exactly what they need.

Greg is fitting one of the side windows they ordered. He makes it look so easy!

Here is all the custom laminated, etched glass the was 100% donated by One Source Glass, and Several of these pieces were installed in 458 this weekend.

One of the arch window openings being prepared to get it's new custom window installed. If you look close in the reflection in the glass below it, you can see a reflection of 458, with on of it's broken windows.

If we didn't know better you would think we were running a glass company with all the glass trucks at the museum on Friday

Chicago Window and Door Solutions has been instrumental in getting 304 back together! Thanks so much Greg, and Sue !!!

With out Steve from, we would not have the repaired door for 304, or ALL the glass for 458!

Two extra arched pieces left for future needs.... let's hope we never need them!

Greg, here again, with the watchful eye of Sue, using the tricks of the trade. 

Greg and Strother ever so gently placing the new arched window.

So much attention to detail to steam and form every little bit of the trim wood.

So Friday was the day that Steve delivered the door for 304 and the glass for 458, and Greg's team worked the entire day installing the windows on 304.

Saturday and Sunday consisted of sanding the upper cream colored part of the car on both sides, caulking the needed areas, and painting the whole thing, both sides. The interior got a good cleaning, as it was a mess. The windows even got a good washing!

There are two windows left to install and that is happening tomorrow. EVERYTHING else is done, and our beauty is ready for next weekend!

There were dozens of people involved in making this happen and everyone played a part. We would not have 304 back together without all the help from everyone, so the museum owes a huge thanks to all for their donations and efforts!

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