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Rails to Victory

A theatrical experience where by passengers are transported back into time when America was at war alongside our Allies to defeat the tyranny of the Axis Powers.

Remember our Veterans by attending the Rails to Victory Living History Reenactment on Saturday, June 8 or Sunday, June 9, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please see train times below.


Tickets are $24 per person. Please note that all passengers, regardless of age or size, must have their own tickets.

Please review event details below before you click to purchase tickets!

Experience scenes from the war years depicting battles, resistance insurgencies, civilian home-front activities and much more. On board the trolleys, make sure you have your papers in order (provided with your ticket) since they will be inspected by our period German Police and Reichsbahn (German Railway) conductors.

The Adventure Trolley Tour will run just four times; two runs each on Saturday and Sunday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon (see schedule below). View and experience small performance stops along the trolley's route, recreating a variety of scenarios that played out during the European Theater of World War II. Be prepared to play along with the actors to fully enjoy the experience. This performance is family friendly; however, it is not recommended for very young children who may be upset by load noises, theatrical gun fire, and battle reenacting.

Rails to Victory Event Schedule

Saturday June 8, 2024

Adventure Trolley Tours at 10:30am and 2:30pm

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Adventure Trolley Tours at 9:30am and 1:30pm
Note: Sunday Events Times 1-hour earlier to allow re-enactors to break camp at 5:00 PM

Museum and Event Closes at 5:00p
Adventure Trolley Tours depart from Fox River Trolley Museum Grounds

Rails to Victory General Information, Event Terms and Conditions

Seating Arrangements

  1. Seating is provided for two adults or the equivalent per seat. Persons of size requiring additional space must purchase additional tickets as required at the time of initial ticket purchase.
  2. By virtue of the historic equipment utilized, no specific seats/ locations can be reserved, and community-style seating is practiced. To try to facilitate keeping relations as close together as possible, we reserve the right to fill empty/ unused seating space, (including but not limited to half-occupied seats).
  3. NO specific location, seating arrangements or contiguous seating for ANY group or individual can be guaranteed.
  4. Please note that there is no on-board storage for strollers, wheelchairs or other large items.

Groups/ Group Seating

  1. The museum will make reasonable attempts to accommodate groups of eight (8) or more when tickets are purchased under ONE name, and ONE transaction for the same train and ALL members of the group are present and available to board in the designated group boarding area at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  2. Incomplete/ late groups and/ or late group members will be seated at the museum’s discretion.
  3. NO specific location, seating arrangements or contiguous seating for ANY group or individual can be guaranteed.

Handicapped Accessibility

Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the equipment, Rails to Victory is NOT handicapped accessible.

General Information

  • Passengers should be prepared to play along with the reenactors to fully enjoy the experience. This performance is family friendly; however, it is not recommended for very young children and/ or those who may be upset by loud noises, theatrical gun fire, and battle reenactments.
  • Please note that there are no on-board restrooms. Portable toilets are available at the Fox River Trolley Museum where boarding takes place.

    Boarding Location

    ALL Rails to Victory trains board at the Fox River Trolley Museum, 365 S. LaFox (IL Route 31), South Elgin, IL. Please see Google Maps for customized directions.

    Area Restaurants

    The Fox River Trolley Museum is located in South Elgin, IL, in close proximity to restaurants catering to almost every taste and budget.


    The Fox River Trolley Museum is located in South Elgin, IL, close to a number of area hotels.

    Inclement Weather, Refunds and Cancellations

    1. All ticket sales are non-refundable unless a train is canceled. Generally, trains are canceled only in the case of extreme inclement weather as defined by the museum, and/or equipment failure.
    2.  Patrons should plan on arriving at least 20 minutes before their scheduled departure time for Rails to Victory. Please factor the possibility of inclement weather into your travel plans.
    3. We are not able to hold trains for late arrivals. Trains operate as close to their published departure times as possible.

    Ticket Delivery

    1. Tickets for Rails to Victory trains will be distributed at boarding time. To facilitate pick-up, please bring a paper or digital copy of your purchase receipt.
    2. When purchasing tickets, the address entered MUST match the address on-file with your financial institution.
    3. Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address when ordering online to ensure that you receive your e-mail confirmation for your ticket purchase. You may also wish to set your junk or SPAM filter to accept email from and other email addresses.

    Ticketing System/ Reservations

    1. Our Internet-based reservation system reflects all of the trains and seats available in real-time. If the system indicates “0” seats available for a train, no additional seats for that train are available. Other values are as indicated, (i.e. 20 seats remaining for a train reflects 20 seats available for that specific train).
    2. We happily accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa for ticket purchases. Please note, we do not accept American Express.

    Privacy Information

    1. Personal information is generally collected to support your access of museum products or services (i.e. purchase of tickets, charter requests, joining or renewing a membership, donations to the museum, etc.). To this end, we may collect personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") which may include your name, family member names, dates of birth, contact and credit or debit card information and other related information necessary to fulfill related functions.
    2. By providing personal information, you consent to our collection and use of it, as described in the museum’s privacy policy. We use your personal information to confirm your identity for eligibility for museum related products and services, process related payments and/ or donations and administer your participation in museum events and activities.
    3. The museum, its agents and/ or related third parties may take still and/or video images of children, adults, and/ or families at the museum, riding museum equipment or participating in museum-related activities or events for use in legitimate business purposes such as, but not limited to fund raising, and promoting the museum and/ or related activities or events online and/ or in-print.

    Event Questions

    If you have additional questions regarding Rails to Victory, please contact us at:, or call 847-380-6121.

    Changes or Updates

    The museum reserves the right to update policies, procedures, schedules, equipment, and other event related items without prior notice.

    Scenes from Previous Rails to Victory Reenactments

    Contact Us

    General Information (847) 697-4676

    Event and Ticket questions (847) 380-6121


    365 S La Fox St, South Elgin, IL 60177           

    P.O. Box 315

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