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#5 Update! Information and Photos provided by Joseph Hazinski

September 15, 2020 6:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On September 23rd, the needle chipping on AE&FR 5 is all but done.

Next masking of the windows was started along with wire wheeling all the superstructure surfaces of the locomotive on August 28th.  Jeff Bennett photo

On August 29th the louvers from both ends had been removed as wire wheeling continued.  Mike Gilles photo

Another view of the back end of 5 as body clean up continues.  The louver sets are surprisingly heavy and were taken off site to be sand blasted.

The metal worker crew fabricated the missing wheel splash guard and it has been installed by August 30th.

September 2nd, and the prepped body is getting its primer sprayed on the roof by Kyle.  Jeff Bennett photo

Here Kyle is applying primer to the front hood of the locomotive.  Jeff Bennett photo

Finally 5 is dressed in its coat of white primer but not for long.  Jeff Bennett photo

The special primer dries quickly and the orange final coat goes on.  Jeff Bennett photo

The whole superstructure is covered as the paint cures.  Jeff Bennett photo

This orange paint also contains a sealer like all contemporary automotive paints do, which will give our locomotive a more weather resistant surface once it resides outside.  Jeff Bennett photo

By September 4th, the orange top coat is cured enough to allow for masking so that the frame can be painted black.

On Labor Day, Jeff is applying the second coat of black to the frame.  The couplers and air hoses are masked as under current railway standards they should not be painted.

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