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End of July update All information and photos provided by Joseph Hazinski

August 07, 2020 8:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

1. Jeff Bennett is spraying body filler on a section of the west side of 4451 to make the surface more uniform before sanding it and applying more primer and green paint.

2. The south end of 4451 is masked in preparation for spraying the cream color.  It takes planning and skill to mask and paint the different colors inside and out.

3. Sheets of plywood stand at the ready to be installed as sub flooring in 4451.  Two layers of the plywood go down to be followed by tongue and groove lumber to make up the finished floor.

4. Cliff Blanck has put the first layer of plywood down over the metal subfloor during the week of July 19th.

5. Throughout the car the first layer is installed except over the two truck bolster areas which get covered by the second layer.  All this has had to be replaced because of rot caused by water leaks into the car before restoration was started.

6. This is the southeast door in the #2 end vestibule of 4451 in white primer waiting for the brown interior paint.  The amount of priming and painting necessary is impressive.   

7. Out back behind the barn Jeff is priming wood spacers needed to install the sides windows in 4451 so the next interior and exterior colors can be applied.        

 8.  On 4288 we have been fortunate that the side sliding doors have limited rust damage that only require spot repairs.

9. Here two patches have been laid out and await careful welding in place on the northwest door of 4288.  Care must be taken so that the heat of the welding process does not warp the door surface.

10. This is the steel subfloor at the north or #2 end of 4288.  If you look carefully you can see the layers of wood flooring in the bulkhead doorway to the main seating compartment.

11.  Ralph Taylor has removed the air brake and sleet cutter piping from the south cab of 316 as he makes progress in his task to rebuild the floor and end of the car.

12. Chris Nelson is using the Case tractor to pick up the remaining ballast in the pile in the parking lot.

13. Here he is coming up the driveway to unload the stone into the EZDumper.

14. Once all the stone is loaded it will be taken to finish ballasting Track 0 which then can be used to store cars currently parked on the car barn leads.

15 A rain barrel has been installed by Jeff Bennett under the downspout of the maintenance of way building rain gutter.  This water is used to keep the freshly planted ornamental grass healthy as it takes root and propagates to cover the area between the mainline and Track 0.

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