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New Update, Information and photos provided by Joseph Hazinski

July 22, 2020 8:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

First we take a look at photos of the progress on CTA 4288.  It is June 28th and work has started on replacing the #2 end body panels.

All the corner and door posts need replacement and was easier to replace the whole lower end panel than trying to patch the rusted out bottom panel.

On July 5th the new panel is in place.

Here we see the inside with the handbrake staff back in place as well as a new sub floor which required replacement of some underlying frame members as well.

The motorman’s side is off on July 19th as efforts move along.

The side door was taken down and it only needed a little repair along the bottom edge, a welcomed relief, especially compared with 4451’s side doors.

Later on the 19th the panel was cut and fitted but now needs permanent fastening to the car’s frame work, a job for another work session.

A change of pace.  A neighbor’s phone call to the depot on Saturday July 11th reported a tree limb down on the feeder cable just north of the IC bridge.  Damin Keenan photo

Jeff Bennett and Mike Gillis along with Damin Keenan took the motorcar train down to the site with the necessary tools.  Damin Keenan photo

First they haul the large step ladder into the downed foliage.  Damin Keenan photo

Next Mike grabs the chain saw off the push cart.  Damin Keenan photo

Carefully Jeff cuts the offending limb from the still standing tree.  Damin Keenan photo

Finally the limb is free of the tree but more work is necessary to clear the track zone.  Damin Keenan photo

Now the limb and its branches have to be cut in manageable pieces.  Damin Keenan photo

Then the pieces have to be dragged out of the way.  Damin Keenan photo

The track and feeder are finally clear but some more clean up needs to be done before the crew can return to Castlemuir and the line reopened for operation.  Damin Keenan photo

CTA 4451’s #2 end gets it first coat of green paint.  Jeff Bennett photo

Here Jeff is masking the inside of 4451 so another color can be sprayed.

The east side is in dark primer waiting the spraying of the green.  Jeff Bennett photo

Here the #2 end is getting sanded down for another coat of green as Jeff is pretty particular about how the finished surface should look.

Inside the window trim has been sprayed after the ceiling was covered with plastic.  Jeff Bennett photo

The lower west-side and #1 end are now in green.  Jeff Bennett photo

The interior is masked in preparation so the next interior and exterior colors can be sprayed.

A week later the #2 end and side door are in their final green colors.

Ralph Taylor is starting to disassemble the south end of CA&E 316 so that the floor timbers can be replaced just as he did the north end many years ago.

With the help of others Jeff got the engine cover back on CTA S-314.  Here he is installing the air filter for the diesel.  Several controls had to also be reconnected during this process as well.

Its boom fully extended and fully raised; it is easy to see that S-314 will be handy in setting line poles.

AE&FR 5’s #2 engine has been troublesome so Jeff with Mike’s help are attending to the problem.

Jeff is removing the fuel pump/governor for repair.  It loses its prime from the fuel tank and starves the injectors of fuel which in turn shuts down the prime mover.

And here is the device.  While they were plentiful and common in the 1980’s it now takes someone with special skill and experience to repair and rebuild them and Jeff hopes he has found that person.  5 deserves to be healthy and up to full strength once again.

CNS&M 715 running as an extra on July 19th as train operation is returning to a more regular pattern.  Face masks for all and cleaning of the cars after every trip continue to be requirements for the foreseeable future.  New rule qualified operators are starting their practical training.

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