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Updates, Information provided by Joseph Hazinski

June 26, 2020 4:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Trainmaster Damin Keenan motoring CTA 43 southbound in the Coleman Yard on Sunday June 21st.

43 heading south towards Blackhawk in Coleman Yard which will be the site of tie replacement during the week of June 22nd.

Northbound under the Stearns Road Bridge, this time with no stop for “whistle testing” due to social distancing requirements under current pandemic conditions.

On June 16th Barbara Bennett led a crew from Roberto Landscaping in planting dwarf ornamental grass plants between the mainline and Track 0.  Jeff Bennett photo

This grass hopefully will propagate and act to keep erosion in check on this slopping bank between the tracks and at the same time not needing mowing or whacking.

In this view there could be a photogenic angle to capture our cars returning to Castlemuir on the mainline.

Some work has been underway on diesel W&SR 73.  The old batteries have been removed and heavy duty 12 volt units in series have been installed.  The Sterling prime mover has been started and some repairs made but on Friday June 26th it was determined that cooling system will need major repairs before work the locomotive can operate.  Jeff Bennett photo

CTA crane S-314’s boom has received black stripes and the engine housing has been repainted as this useful unit is made more presentable.

Work continues in the car barn on the #2 end of CTA 4288 with one panel removed.

The corner posts and door posts at this end of 4288 have been stabilized with temporary braces so that the rusted out bottoms can be replaced and the end made solid again.

Jeff has sprayed layers of the ceiling finish coat on CTA 4451 finishing one of the hundreds of tasks that need to be completed to get this car back in service.

A worker is sanding down body filler being used to mask the seams between new and old metal on the side plates.  Once this is done some more primer goes on before the final color paint can be applied.

A retaining wall has been installed where the bank along Track 2 collapsed and slid towards the car barn wall.

On my inspection hike on Sunday June 21st I was amazed at how much repair work was done to the abutments of Ward’s Bridge.  This work was ordered after an annual FRA mandated bridge inspection turned up issues that needed attention.  All of our bridges are now good.

Volkmann Railroad Builders’ combination self-propelled tie crane/inserter and a tie cart at rest on the recently completed Track 0, awaiting tie replacement project on the mainline.

Here the tie crane/inserter is at work installing relay switch ties in Switch 21 on Monday June 22nd.  Doug Rundell photo

The Volkmann front end loader picks up a bundle of ties in the parking lot on Wednesday.  Their supply of 500 standard ties arrived late so museum owned ties were installed to keep on schedule to get 400 ties replaced called for in the contract.  Mike Gilles photo

At the driveway the bundles were loaded on the tie cart for transport where they are needed to be installed.  Mike Gilles photo

Spike pulling out of old ties was still done the old fashioned way by the Volkmann crew.  Mike Gilles photo

This is one of a number of photos Jeff took of our local coyote inspecting the property on June 16th.

On Sunday June 21st  just as I was leaving the coyote came out from behind the car barn and sauntered across the old ball field on his way to the river bank probably looking for something to eat.  We have to remember that we share our museum with more than human visitors.

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