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4288 Update. Information and photos provided by Joseph Hazinski

June 03, 2020 12:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


CTA 4288 has been moved into the barn on Track 4 ahead of 4451 and is undergoing evaluation and exploration necessary to bring it to operating condition.

In this report we will concentrate on efforts on the #1 end which is facing south.  In this photo the class light boxes have been removed.

Based on the experience with 4451 it was decided to replace all the end wall panels below the windows rather that to try to patch the original skin on the car.  The original pieces are used as patterns so all attachments end up in the correct location.

Here you can see one panel sitting in place before being fitted.

Temporary bracing is tac welded in place to keep the train door frames squarely in place while the rusted-out bottoms are replaced as in the near frame.  Fortunately, 4288’s car body is in better overall shape but there still are challenges.

All the motorman’s cab appliances are still in place with the outer skin off.

While in somewhat better condition than 4451, now is the time to replace all the air pipes and conduit that pass through the floor of 4288.  If they don’t leak now it will only be time before they do.  This is a common malady that all traction operators had to deal with.

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