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4451 Getting attention from all angles

May 19, 2019 8:30 PM | Anonymous

Welcome our newest volunteer Kathleen. What a great addition to our Car Department crew. She is working on removing rust from the frame work around one of the operators windows of the car. She has been working during the week on our CTA Crane car, S314. With today's rain, we were luck enough to have her help inside.

Not quite as glamorous of a shot, you can see Andy fitting new metal into place below.

Never a job that Mike has any problems with! Here you can see the main frame rail of the car has been exposed. Mike first de-scaled all the loose rust with needle scaler. Then Jeff and Mike together systematically torched the rivets from behind and drove them out with an air hammer. In the picture Mike is now applying a rust encapsulating paint (POR-15) to all surfaces for the frame. This will prevent any future rusting. The next step is to fit the new body panels on the car, mark them for drilling, and install them. The first three panels actually got installed today!

Look at these beautiful new window sills ! Custom made and carefully installed.

Here is a good shot of to compare the old rotted out sills to the new custom fit ones.

Here Ryan is using the Plasma Torch to custom cut one of the body panels

While Andy and Jeff install the panel that Ryan just cut, Ryan gets back to the rivet removal on the other side. 

Now all the rivets are finally removed, Mike and Jeff work on installing the new body panels, while Ryan and Andy are making and drilling the next panels to be installed

This is interesting. The car was originally made with pained on imitation wood. The picture of this hinge removed, is a metal panel, not wood. Removing one of the hinges that has never been removed, shows the original paint work. From my understanding, this faux wood painted on design did not last long, before the interiors were painted over. 

It was a great weekend, and many thanks to everyone that brought it together! Great to have you back this year Andy, and Kathleen you rock! Ryan hope to see more of you, as you are a great pair of hands. Jeff and Mike will be chugging away as usual.

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