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4451 Floor progress

January 18, 2019 4:53 PM | Anonymous

With the ceiling done, it is time to move to the floors. All the seats were removed and have been sent out to be sand blasted.

All the heaters are out being blasted and brackets made to house modern designed heat strips.

Door engines (extremely heavy mechanism the opens and closes sliding doors) have been removed, and in this picture you can see the last of the walls being removed.

With the walls out, and the first two layers up flooring up, we are tackling the last two layers of flooring.... Yes four layers of flooring, not including the final metal bottom.

As can be seen in these above and below pictures, the flooring was so rotted that is was the consistency of wet landscaping mulch. Most of it just came out by grabbing hand fulls of wet mulch and getting in bags.

This past week was a very productive one. Here you can see five guys working on the car at one time! (well the guy holding the camera was working before he thought a selfie with this background couldn't be missed)

All the wood flooring is out, the walls are striped. The wet all insulation is out. Most all of the rotted metal floor is out. In the picture above everyone is working on cutting out rotted sections, or grinding imperfections flat, in preparation for the new floor.

Stay tuned,  the goal is to have all the metal walls and current floor treated and ready for new flooring by next Wednesday. Then have two days to work on installing new metal flooring!

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