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4451 A couple neat surprises while disassembling the interior

January 18, 2019 4:19 PM | Anonymous

During the removal of the original side walls of the car, we came across this

A 1925 News Paper from the Cincinnati area 

Here you can see the newspaper carefully folded and tucked between the interior and exterior walls. 

The work crew on this believes this to have been put here by one of the original builders. The car is said to have been built in 1924, but could it really have been finished in 1925? Did a worker from 1925 put this here as a time capsule for us to find 94 years later?

Another interesting finding, is the newspaper is completely intact. The entire paper is there, and looks like it had never been opened or folded or even read.

This was obviously put here, in between the walls when the car was built . How cool !!!

We plan to have the paper preserved and displayed in the car, with the neat story.

So here is out other find of the day.... The car was really talking to us! So here we are, working our fingers to the bone to fight all the screws out of this door slider bracket. The door needed to be adjusted to slide correctly. Much time and care was taken to get all the screws out without breaking or damaging anything.

The last screw is out, and we slide the bracket to the side and this is what we see....

Too funny.

The last interesting thing that came out during this week's work, was the obvious pride the last person had in their work.

This was found on the back/underside of one of the more recent floor repairs.

Not sure who G.H. is, and also not sure on R.C.A. either.

3/1998 this car would have long been in the museum's care. I hope someone can shed some light on this. 

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