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40 Paint Job COMPLETE !!!

November 10, 2018 2:34 PM | Anonymous

The car department has been working overtime on getting everything finalized on car 40, so it can be coupled to 43 (which was painted last year) and be the Polar Express!

Fred and Jeff are finishing up the last steps of the paint, the Red White and Blue stripes.

Every good artist signs their work

Fred Mike and Jeff are very close to having the final roof work done. Trolley boards, and poles will be a welcome addition to this car.

Mike G. adding some of the last touches to the roof hardware

On November 3rd, only one month after 40 was moved inside for it's paint job, Fred L. is boarding to pilot her out for the first time with the fresh new coat of paint. YES, this all happened in just 30 days!

MG's fired up and out she comes!

First light of sun, you can see the beautiful job!

We coupled all three 40's together and with three poles up, she made it up to the main without any issue.

Fred taking a long hike up a short hill to uncouple the cars and start staging them for the fast approaching Polar Express.

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