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Paint, trolley boards, and some fancy tent work on car 40

October 28, 2018 7:11 PM | Anonymous

Once we got the OK from Kasia, the painter, we got on the roof and installed the pre made saddles that Fred L. generously made, painted, and donated.

Going nicely, yay, five down......

And a whole bunch left to go

With a second set of hands from Mike G. all the saddles got installed in one night.

Mike and Jeff were no strangers to the roof of this car. Prior to the paint, all the metal cleats had to be attached to the roof. Now that was a lot of work!

Fred L. and Mike G. made the Lap Joints on the boards and have them all ready to be bolted down. You can also see the main power cable has been pulled and is ready to connect both up top and underside.

All the Midnight oil has been burned, and a very weary crew calls it a night, yet again. 

Many sleepless nights and 400 gallons of propane later....

Our new fancy construction heater. OH NO, some assembly required

Looks like it was figured out, and let me tell ya, this guy makes some heat! 170,000 BTU. To compare, the average home furnace is 40-80k BTU

After a couple different location changes, we found the best way to inflate the paint tent, and keep her nice and warm

The heater was started in the morning around 4am and ran though out the day and into the evening for the paint to have a nice warm surface to adhere to.

Here you can see our "paint tent" that was constructed to contain the heat

We did also run the heat inside the car, (the trains heaters) to warm it from the inside as well.

The paint tent took some acrobatics, but once it was complete we were able to keep the area at about 68 degrees. The outside temp was only in the 40's.

Some body repairs done and surface prep

Getting all taped up, 40 is ready and waiting for it's new paint!

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