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40 Exciting prep work for it's paint job AND finished floor project

September 25, 2018 9:56 PM | Anonymous

So a while back you may remember we started replacing the floor in one of the vestibules of 40. The project started a couple months ago. The goal was to get new step treads installed like you see below, as well as all new flooring material in the effected area.

So the floors are installed here, and the leveling has been done.

First step tread installed. Success!

Both new treads installed.... lookin good

Then the task of installing the very hard to find flooring.

The piece needed to consist of two separate parts, and both parts had to be custom cut to fit correctly.

^ Not too bad. 

Actually looks pretty darn good!

We were able to get the train door diamond plating up to address the massive rust issues below.

Diamond plate, waiting for a good sanding, which was done before the day ended.

40 did not have trolley poles on it when we got it. They had been removed prior to our ownership. With the coming paint job we spent some time finding the original holes where the retrievers were originally mounted, and successfully mounted the new Earll flanges.

Success on both ends!

Trolley bases we were able to acquire in a trade deal with another museum will be fully serviced and end up on top of 40.

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