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The Great 458 PUSH !

September 25, 2018 8:17 PM | Anonymous

All hands on deck to get 458 buttoned up to go outside for a bit, and give up it's inside spot so 40 can get it's scheduled paint job.

Here you can see the custom ordered tongue and grove for 458's roof. Hope the next time we show a picture of this wood it will be on the top of the car!

The center section of the roof has all the roof ribs done, all the insulation stabilizing wire installed, insulation and vapor barrier installed. This roof has been a huge project, and we really want to have the center section done within the next week or so.

All these below pictures are reflecting the hundreds of hours Mike G. and Fred L. have devoted to the glass repairs on this car. ALL side windows have been replaced. Most of the interior glass has been replaced, and they have even sourced and installed new glass for the gauges that were damaged.

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