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5 stoutly pulling US POSTAL CAR 6 out for a sun bath during River Fest

August 23, 2018 9:33 PM | Anonymous

Well we all know that 5 is scared of NOTHING! So in the barn it went to retrieve 6.

US Postal Car 6 is being pulled out of the barn to sun bathe for the first time in four years!

Justin above is quite happy to have helped with this project! He's looking forward to the day that he can take the controls.

Mike G. below is diligently manning the brakes on 6, while Jeff pulls it out with Loco 5. 

6 was not spared in the recent vandalism, and this past weekend Mary was able to remove several of the broken windows. We will be working towards these glass replacements soon.

Project plans are underway to restore the beautiful paint work on 6 as well. Bringing out the car for all to see it's beauty and luster will hopefully spur some this project along.

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