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A great day to be at FRTM

June 22, 2018 3:33 PM | Anonymous

From the desk of Joe H.

01 Feather flags flying on May 28th as grass is starting to grow.

02 A visitor drives over the new driveway apron on May 28th.

03 On June 11th the grass is taking hold along the new sidewalk.

04 Work is continuing on 458 as backer boards go on so the tack

molding can be installed.

05 317 is in a new temporary storage spot on Track 0.

09 The car barn tracks have a new look as rolling stock is stored out of the way.

10 MUNI 1030 is now on Track 4 so stabilization work can start in earnest.

11 With a new volunteer Mike R. working on the car, this will be the first photo on Track 4 before his efforts improve its appearance.

2018 season has seen 1030 getting some attention to stabilize it for beginning restoration work.

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