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AE & FRE Loco 5 Valve adjustment and other needs

June 04, 2018 10:21 AM | Anonymous

During the end of 2017 and early 2018 5's number two generator was replaced. Shortly thereafter, engine number two was serviced for proper operation, as it had not been run in many years, due to the failed generator. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, 5 now has two functional generators.

It was noted earlier in the year, when engine two was stated that a valve adjustment was needed. So here we see Jeff taking advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday, and getting nice and cozy with engine two!

Looks like something from "Dirty Jobs" lol

The rocker boxes (inside the top of the engine) was extremely clean. It was hard to believe, but everything looked practically new inside.

Care had to be taken to correctly adjust the valves, as there were multiple points of adjustment, and needed to be done in the correct order.

The helpful hand of Chuck allowed these photos to be taken, and help given when it was time to turn the engine over for the next adjustment.

As the rocker arms, and valve bridges were adjusted to correct tension, they were marked with yellow paint, so we would know which ones were done.

The engine room doors have been a "kick or bang" open situation for years. Four doors on engine room number two were taken apart, repaired, welded, refurbished, and cleaned. Lube was liberally applied and now the engine room doors, at least on number two, open by hand!

Buttoning up some final things, before Jeff worms his way out. Not a very easy "in and out" maneuver! 

Some time was devoted to trying to sync the two engines. It seems that engine two has an injection pump issue that needs to be addressed, before we can synchronize the throttles between the two engines. 

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