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Last weekend, more photos and info

May 23, 2018 3:17 PM | Anonymous

From the desk of 

Joe Hazinski

1 - Only photo of them working on the crossing gate for the entrance to the parking lot.

2 - Roadmaster Chris Nelson with a bucket of trash that has been picked up along the right of way.

3 - The motorcar train north of the driveway with a tub of scrap metal collected along the tracks on the Norton cart.

4 - Recovering the spare DH-25 compressor with the Case tractor.

5 - Fortunately we picked up an access door in Cleveland to make the compressor complete.

  6 - Casey holding the 1000 pound compressor while the work "ambulance" backs around the backhoe arm.

              7 - Giving the compressor a shove into the vehicle.

              8 - Finally at rest as most likely the heaviest patient this old ambulance has ever carried.

              9 - Picking up the tub of scrap metal off the Norton trailer.

              10 - Again because the load is so heavy Jeff had to back the ambulance around the tub.

               11 - On Monday Mike, Doug  and Joe went pack to working on trolley poles.  Here the harp ends have been cleaned up.

  12- Using a cub wire wheel does a good job of cleaning off the old paint.

           13 - Comparing the butt ends of the poles before and after.

           14 -  Mike working on the harp end of a pole we had to drill the bolts out of.  The holes were not straight and he is working to get them straight enough for the harp to be bolted on.

            15 - All cleaned up and ready for paint.

            16 - And the first coat is primer.

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