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Action Everywhere ! WE are in full swing !

May 22, 2018 9:00 PM | Anonymous

The last few days have been a flurry of activity in all departments!

It has been really great to see our organization firing on all cylinders.

Our usual weekend work got an early weekday start with Fred dropping off many new roof ribs, freshly made by a CNC company, for use on 458 & 4451

It was decided to go with a CNC facility, not just because of the volume of ribs needed, but so that they would all be identical. This will be key to get the roofs to lay correctly!

As seen in the background of the earlier photos, the mid week work consisted of covering all the cars in the car barn, so Saturday Fred, and Mike could spray the under structure roof area of 458.

^^^^ A little plastic, isn't stopping Fred from getting into 458 !

^^^^^^ This was the scene Saturday morning! Everything covered and ready for the painting to begin on 458.

Not the greatest picture, but you can see Fred spraying 458

The watchful and very helpful ground crew, consisting of Mike G.

While Mike and Fred were underway painting, Jeff works his way to 756. A while back the trap that was used by Jan G. to enter the car for her continuing wood striping/painting efforts, had failed.

Upon tear down inspection, it was determined that the two flat metal strips, that are used as torsion springs for the door, were rusted through at the mounting bushing.

Also the cover over the torsion springs, that also retains the spring bushings was quite rusted through. The museum's good friend Leo has offered to make up some replacements!

This is how the hardware should go together, and once the covers are ready, the trap will again be usable for easy entry and exit!

Next over to the West sliding window on the caboose. The lower support for the the slide rail, has succumb to years of water, and was in need of replacement, so Jeff and Mike addressed this.

Doug most likely has this painted as this is being written.


Doug had spent the early part of the morning working with our newest operator in training, Bruce G., reporting that he was doing a great job!

And then the trainer, becomes the trainee, as Doug and Jeff continue ongoing training with Chuck on Loco 5

Priceless expressions!  ^^^^^

But soon we have an ol' pro at the controls !

Today Doug and Jeff got a bunch of great training, hauling 715 around, putting 45 aside on track 3N, and getting L202 up to track 2, ready for Caboose Days! 

Chris and Art were fast at work the whole day. These guys can really tell ya what heavy lifting is !!!!

A lot of organization that the Track Dept. had been wanting to get done was underway, and Chris, our Road Master seemed pleased with the progress! 

So much to do to get the newly expanded MOW building set up correctly.

^^^^ Chuck making careful plans to work the tractor in to move things for the track dept.

Sunday started out with a down right cold morning, and plenty of rain, so inside to car 40 to work on the floor repairs.

^^^^^ Here we see one of our newest additions to the Car Department roster, Neil helping Jeff to remove the floor. Great to have you "on board" Neil !!!

Everything is out, and a lot was learned. Seeing as every door vestibule needs this, (one in the works eleven to go.... ugh) it's a good thing we learned now!  Stay tuned to this project for more to come!

We are continuing to take advantage to 458 being in the barn. Sunday the batteries got a full service!

The compressor oil got changed out as well on 458.

This is the compressor that was sitting on top of S314. Hopes are to rebuild this and swap it onto 715, as that compressor is passing a lot of oil that is currently on that car.

Coming in at just over 1,000 lbs. (there was some debate as to this compressors weight, I can not remember who said they thought it was a bit over a thousand)

And the tear down begins!

^^^^^^^All the bearings, crank, rods, wrist pins, and gears look to be in fantastic shape, with no excessive play at all.

And for the bad news. It would seem that there is a spot in the case that holds oil, and supplies the pinion gear, that has some issues. Brazing will be needed to repair this.

One stuck valve.

Head is currently soaking in trans fluid to free up the stuck valve.

The cylinders look great!

Still had a fair amount of oil in it.

No issues with the head, providing the valve comes out ok.

Getting ready to move the assembly to the bucket, as separating the motor from the rotating assembly is no light work.

^^^^^^ Commutator, main case, with rotating assembly on the left, and coils with brush mount housing on the right.

Stay tuned to this one!

Ralph and Jim S. were working on the entry RR gate. I did not get pictures of this I am sorry to say, but many thanks to you guys for your efforts.

Sunday was a rainy day, but the crew was on time and ended up with a few riders later in the day.

Again, it has been a pleasure to watch all the activity and to be part of it too! I know for sure I missed things that were transpiring over the last week, but rest assured, EVERYONE'S input and effort is appreciated and needed to keep our great success going!


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