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458 Brake Gremlins, turn out to be Mud Wasps!

April 23, 2018 10:17 PM | Anonymous

Well if nothing else, I sure learned a lot about the U4 Triple Valve !!!

The work continued this weekend on getting 458's brakes to work correctly. We started to realize that the little wasps the make mud clumps to lay larvae, had worked much farther into the Triple valve, than first thought. Last work session on this problem we had found the main bracket exhaust port completely plugged. We were continuing to find dirt contamination in parts of the system that we just cleaned. This led us to believe that there was more contaminates, farther up in the circuit. We also took apart the emergency valve much farther than ever before, and found a broken piston ring. SOOOO, cleaned everything out, AGAIN, replace the ring and lift those big heavy suckers back into place. During one of final installations of the emergency valve I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a 1/4in exhaust port that we had not found on the diagrams, and did not know existed. Upon looking into this vent hole, it was noted that it was packed full of wasp mud!  Down comes the valve again, and careful cleaning of this port took place. We have now also learned to make sure the contaminates get broken up, and then shot out, not pushed back up into the works. This vent was also really plugged back very far.

Once we were all satisfied that the cleaning was as good as it was going to get, back up the valve went. With much anticipation while waiting for the compressor to build air, we were all hoping for positive results. WE GOT EM! 458 now has a completely functional braking system!!! We all did a little happy dance, then took turns applying and releasing the brakes.

This is just one more small step towards getting this car into revenue service!   

Big huge thanks to all that have put up with this problem, and have worked so hard to fix it!

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