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4451 Roof Rib removal GOING WELL !!

April 17, 2018 5:24 PM | Anonymous

Last post it could be seen, the carlines had badly rotted wood ribs. All the ribs have been removed from the between and on the sides of the carlines. We have jokingly started to call the wood, sandwich wood, since it acts like a club sandwich to the carlines, and is what gives them support.  With them out now, the carlines are extremely flimsy. Nothing wrong, just interesting how these roofs were engineered!

A good rib (well good enough) was saved, so new ribs can be made at a CNC shop.

As to the concerns of the carlines having structural issues, there is no worry here. As can be seen in these pictures, the roof line is pretty perfect. There will be some metal fabrication work done, in just a couple spots, but nothing near as bad as we expected. 

These pictures show a much more cleaned up roof skeleton, from the last that were posted. Progress is moving nicely and efficiently. 

Anyone interested in helping out with this project please contact Jeff directly.  We have a lot to do on this car, and she has served the museum well for many years, so she deserves it !!!!

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