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4288 Roof wood work finished !!!

April 09, 2018 9:28 PM | Anonymous

4288 had the roof partially torn off, some parts in the process of being replaced, and other parts still just as they were when the car was pulled into the barn years, and years ago. With 4451 rotting away, it was abundantly clear it needed to come inside NOW. So KRB Construction, who has been a great contractor for us, took on the task of finishing what was started so very long ago!

Well during the months of January and February, the roof was completed.

Canvas will go on when (IF, LOL) the weather warms up.

Our two 4000's being coupled together and moved with 5 (both engines!)

HOLY CRAP !!!! KRB was able to safely and correctly remove the years of racoon wasteAll done, with water and Ice shield over the entire roof. 4288 is ready to give up her spot, to allow her brother 4451 to get some attentionWe learned a lot on this car. This has prepared us for the massive roof job that 4451 needs!!!  Stay tuned!

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