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458 Brake Gremlins

April 09, 2018 8:42 PM | Anonymous

As many know all too well, 458 has been plagued with brake issues for years now. Fred, Mike, and I, in an effort to get out of the cold, got inside the barn on Sunday. We all were working on some outdoor tasks, and had our fill of the cold.

So we had a little air brake school. I got to play "Brake Chamber Aerobics", as we swapped out the service and emergency chambers several times, for different reasons.

We did find a hidden mud wasp nest, and did a little happy dance when we thought that was it, but then the problem just changed. 

We do now have a circuit diagram on hand of the triple valve and the brake system as a whole. We plan to work it just like an electrical diagram, to narrow down our issue.

The three of us slept good that night! I must say that I didn't much mind, as my knowledge of triple valves now is much better! Maybe it was lifting the 100+ lb valves up and down a dozen times, that helped solidify the info into the old noodle! 

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