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CA&E Car 316 News Part 3

December 13, 2022 6:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

With the last parts of the ceiling going in, it was time to finish up all the wiring connections and draw the final wiring diagram for what was done.

Rough draft here of the wiring diagram so don’t be too harsh!

Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett couldn’t find any diagram in all our stuff that even came close to the way the car was wired, plus, CA&E had made many alterations over the years.

Jeff decided to redesign the whole lighting system to what I know works, based on other cars he has done.

This sketch is how the car is currently wired now.  It will be made into a nice fancy drawing soon, but getting this step done, and the switch cabinets tidied up was a massive happy occasion for Jeff

Here we are at Classic Woodwork Inc, in Crystal Lake.

Bruce, the owner, has reproduced the original side wall panels EXACTLY!

Mahogany, with the correct trim, and all custom made based off the old panels we brought him as templates.

Jeff grabbed a shot of Bruce next to the old wall panels, as we were going through what was what. 

Bruce has made stuff for this restoration that I had no idea what we were going to do to get replacements. Bruce is currently the Museum's hero!

And speaking of hero’s!

Andre is finishing up the last, and hardest of the heater box removal. 

Thee, all bundled up,  has gotten the whole lower wall on the east side stripped and sanded! Some detail work still to be done, but it looks amazing!

As we conclude this news update, we’ll leave you with this cliffhanger.

Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett is mocking up the exterior upper “steamer” stained glass windows here.

Yes for you experts out there, these stained glass panels are from a Kuhlman car not a Jewett, but they are the same dimensions.

Seeing as the car had these upper exterior stained glass pieces removed and sided over sometime in the 40’s, there isn’t anything to go off of to reinstall them. All the framing, moldings, window slides, and siding have to be figured out.

Jeff has mocked up how it should kinda look. Bruce from Classic Woodwork is going to come on site and evaluate. He said that he can then make all the custom molding and pieces needed!

Very exciting!!!! Stay tuned.

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