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Car Department News

September 14, 2022 7:14 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

There is a lot going on at the Allan C. Williams car barn with activity on CA&E 316 and CTA 4288

Here, Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett has a big smile of joy having Eric at his side to unexpectedly jump start the restoration of CTA 4288

Two happy guys! Jeff Bennett and Eric Zabelny spent a whole day clearing out 4288’s contents so the restoration could again start moving. Having just finished, smiles all around.

CA&E 458 has been at the cusp of its first test run for weeks now.

This will be the first time out and down the line with its new roof, poles, and brakes.

Our horns were in desperate need of service as they sounded a little sad. Well when it comes to air horns here at Fox River, there is one guy we all think of, Superintendent of Operations Mr. Patrick Storm. The guy never saw an air horn he didn’t like! So one quick message to him and down he came to the barn. Tools in hand he climbed up and gets right to work. Thanks Patrick!

Mike Giles smiles and is clearly happy at the weekends progress with CA&E 316’s south end air brake control installation.

Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett, here with Mike Giles, spent the entire weekend cleaning and rebuilding these two brake valves for CA&E 316, then custom fitting all new piping to the valves.

Here you can see Jeff working into place all the newly cut, threaded, and bent galvanized piping on the freshly rebuilt and cleaned brake valve.

All this was done IN-HOUSE!

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