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CA&E Car 458 Restoration News Part 3

August 21, 2022 11:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Kyle made his goal. Here he is laying the base primer coat down in the smoker, to the walls and ceiling

Nick Whitney must have pried that needle chipper away from John, because here he is working on paint removal in the north motorman’s compartment 

This a nice close up of the mechanicals in the south vestibule. John did a great job getting all the old red paint off, even in these tight small areas

Thee is cutting out yet another rotted section of the body. This time near one of the side doors.

Oh look here’s John! He traded off the needle chipper for a welder! He’s welding in the replacement panels as Thee gets them fabricated.

And Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett is continuing to work on getting the brake system on 458 to work properly, while three other work groups are also actively working on the car. We are really pushing hard to get this one back on the rails and into service!

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