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CA&E Car 458 Restoration News Part 1

August 21, 2022 12:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Work is moving a full throttle on Chicago Aurora and Elgin 458.

Here you can see the end of car train door threshold rebuilding that is taking place.  Once the old rotten wood was removed from the threshold, it revealed some rot on the car body.  The car body rot needed attention. On the right you can see the badly rotted / rusted out panels of the door way and threshold.  On the left you can see the rebuilt body steel primed and painted.

Meanwhile, the train door also needed some rebuilding. The water intrusion rotted out the bottom of the door, but no fear, replacement wood and metal has all been installed.

Here Chief Car Officer Jeff Bennett is working with Thee, to rebuild some brake valves for 458. Thee is learning all the details that go into servicing one of these complicated units!

John labors away at paint removal in one of the motorman compartments.

Here’s a close up of the extent of the car body rot around the train door.

And a close up of the final repaired section of the car body around the train door.

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