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Car News 316, 458, 4451

May 31, 2022 10:03 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Our ever faithful helping hand Mike G. is watching roof garbage come down the garage shoot into the can that he shuffled out to the dumpster about 40 times! He got his steps in that day!

And here’s where all that garbage was coming from. More than half of the entire upper roof of CA&E 316 was either rotted, or needed support structural repairs, so off it came.

The entire length of the car required tear off and replacement. 

Repair and Maintenance on CTA 4451
Jeff Bennett here is hanging out with Fred Lonnes and Ralph Taylor on Track 2.
All three are working on 4451. It got cranky and decided it wasn’t gonna run.
Fred and Ralph skillfully and quickly isolated the the problem to loss of battery voltage from the Edison cells. Once they opened the battery box, loose and corroded connections were found. New terminals and some washers took care of the problem.

While the box was open we topped off the water in the batteries. 

Mike and Jeff got all the roof saddles installed on CA&E 458.

Next we will be ripping down the oak boards for the runners and painting the whole roof with our custom rubber paint. 

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