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Car Department Updates April - May

May 31, 2022 6:50 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

News from the Jeff Bennett and the Wizards working on the three restoration projects at the Museum's AC Williams barn

CA&E Car 316

He we see the roof of CA&E 316. Covered in inches of tar, that was applied over the years of service by CA&E. We started in April to address the roof. Our goal is to strip the entire thing, and rebuild with whatever we can save. 

Thee is methodical with his work. You can see the upper stained glass area in this one section has been stripped to bare and prepped wood. Each section like this takes between 4-8 hours. 

Andre is fitting the replacement posts into the south end of 316. 

Seeing as there are three doors within this vestibule and we are splicing new wood into old, it took a great deal of time to make sure everything went back together correctly. But here it is!

Kind of a long view short here of Thee making progress on the roof restoration one the west side. 

Another quick view of massive fitting efforts that went into post replacement. 

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