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CA&E Car 316 Ceiling Update

February 14, 2022 11:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

After all the trim pieces were painstakingly removed that joined the arched upper stained glass openings to the ceiling panels, many hours were spent stripping the old paint off and giving the a rejuvenating coat of boiled linseed oil. The lowest piece shows what we started with, the middle one has had its paint stripped, and the top darker one has a good coating of boiled linseed oil.

Last week all the ceiling panels were installed and this week the arched window openings were cut into the panels. Many tricks were used to mark where to cut, so Andre knew where to dig in with his hand held router. 

Back to the trim pieces, a couple of them were so brittle they did not hold together during removal. James is here using the heater to aid in drying glue that was liberally applied to several pieces. 

Another arched window opening being trimmed out. 

We have been using the infrared paint stripping heaters extensively. Here it can be seen the progress being made on the north bulkhead wall. Very careful removal of paint over the doorway revealed the gold leaf lettering originally applied by the Jewett Car Co. 

Here Jeff is working on one of the many arched window openings. The infrared paint stripper is being used. Each archway took about an hour to get all the paint off.

A good picture of the ceiling panel as it looks after it’s final trim, but before any paint stripping.

A close up of unstripped archway on the left vs stripped on the right.

Once Andre finished trimming this panel, and Jeff finished stripping the paint, Mike and James went to work removing the ventilation diffusers.

Most were filled with nests, mud wasps, and rodent homes, from the days the car sat outside. While up there, Mike and James also removed the stained glass pieces that were damaged, and prepped the opening for new glass. 

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