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WORK RESUMES ON 4288, Information provided by Joseph Hazinski

August 20, 2021 9:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For the last three months most of the heavy work in the car barn has centered around the IC caboose but now that the metal work, welding repairs and fabrication is essentially complete our forces have turned back to CTA rapid transit car 4288.

On May 9th, 2021, when CTA 4451 returned to service there was a void in the car barn which was soon filled with Illinois Central caboose 9648.    Joseph Hazinski photo

4288 sits a little forlorn in the barn with some of its parts stored on the shelving next to it.   Joseph Hazinski photo

While most of the efforts were focused on its sister 4451 some work was always being done in 4288 as here, we see seat frames being detached and heaters being disconnected.   Joseph Hazinski photo

But on Saturday August 14th work restarted in earnest as our crew shifted from the IC caboose to 4288.    Joseph Hazinski photo

We find John VanPaseuth and Bill Wright busy removing insulation from interior walls below the window sills.   Jeff Bennett photo

This removal will aid in replacing the side sheets and expose the carlines for inspection.  Eventually the insulation will be replaced with modern material as the goal is to make the car usable in all seasons.   Jeff Bennett photo

Thee has been removing the last of the heaters under the longitudinal seat and marking the connections for the units as well as connections for the door engine.   Jeff Bennett photo

By the time I got on the scene the debris was starting to pile up from the insulation removal process.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Bill had mastered the art of insulation removal as he and John are on their last sections.   Joseph Hazinski photo

The last batten of 1922 horse hair insulation just before its removal.   Joseph Hazinski photo

One of the door engines awaiting removal for overhaul and to allow for floor removal and replacement.   Joseph Hazinski photo

On the work bench we find one of the door engines from 4288.  The part in the red box is the cylinder and piston assembly which actually opens one of the car’s side doors.  Jeff took it apart, cleaned it up and reassembled it with the goal of swapping it out for one that is leaking air on 4451 so he can service the leaking unit.  The Skokie shop tag states this door engine was last overhauled in May of 1957.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Meanwhile in the back of the barn Mike Gilles is taking apart the heater elements which will be replaced with modern units just as was done on 4451.   Joseph Hazinski photo 

 While clearing out all the seats in 4288 all the heat shields on the bottom of the cushions were salvaged and here Jeff is applying heat resistant paint to the primed panels.  When dry they will go into storage until it is time to install them on the reupholstered cushions.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Assorted vestibule ceiling panels are hanging from the car awaiting either cleanup or use as patterns for replacements as necessary.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Another productive day winds down as we view the #2 end of 4288 which will one day couple with 4451 to make a two-car train.   Joseph Hazinski photo

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