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The Completion of 4451 Information provided by Joseph Hazinski

June 18, 2021 9:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

CTA rapid transit car 4451 is now in the museum’s operating pool.  Here are some photos that show the final efforts that led to the car being in service.

Jeff Bennett has reinstalled the battery charging resistance and is now getting the charging system back together in this March 28th view.   George Barreto photo

By April 7th the roof saddles were in place having been screwed to the wood carlines underneath after being “buttered” with sealant.  The area that will be underneath the trolley boards has been painted with the final finish rubberized top coat which will eventually cover the whole roof.   Jeff Bennett photo

 After sealing the edges of the roof openings with finish roof paint and sealant we catch Jeff installing one of the roof ventilators on April 11th, each of which were sand blasted, primed and painted off site.   Mike Gilles photo

The two trolley poles have been cleaned up, primed and repainted awaiting their turn to be installed after their paint cures.   Joseph Hazinski photo

It is Tuesday April 13th, and time to swap the positions of 4451 and 4288 on Track 4 of the car barn so eventually 4451 will be able to propel itself out of barn.  The plastic on the car is used to protect the sides and ends as the roof coatings were applied.   Jeff Bennett photo

Dan Kelly and James Tarbet are installing one of the trolley bases on Saturday April 17th.   Jeff Bennett photo

While they are working on the bases, Joe Caliendo is fastening the drip rails at the end of the car.   Jeff Bennett photo

By the end of the day the trolley bases are installed and wired up with the poles up on the roof awaiting installation.   Jeff Bennett photo

It’s Sunday April 18th and 4451 has powered itself out of the barn by use of a stinger.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Jeff installs a whistle as we are going to try to test the car.  Note that roof mounted headlight is yet to be installed.   Joseph Hazinski photo

4451 is out under the wire (The cable over Track 4 is not energized as it is a fall protection line insulated from the trolley frog.) as James Tarbet raises the pole while Mike Gilles looks on.  The car made it to the Track 2 platform but we were unable to get the south controller to function so we could not make a test trip on the line.  Joe Hazinski operated the north controls guided by radio commands from Jeff at the south end to get the car back into the barn.  Needless to say, everyone was disappointed but the car moved under its own power.   Joseph Hazinski photo

James Ham of the Monday April 17th crew is seen cutting the rubber floor for the isle.  Monday work parties were very helpful in getting tasks done to make the car operable.   Doug Rundell photo

We jump to Sunday May 2nd, and efforts are fast and furious to get the rubber flooring down.  In the intervening time it was found that some wires in the south controller had not been connected and static testing indicated that the issue had been resolved.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Jeff with the help of James Tarbet is installing the rubber flooring in the north vestibule.  The new 100 lb. linoleum roller and another roller tool are in evidence in this picture.   Joseph Hazinski photo

It is time to pump up the car for another attempt at a shake down run.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Jeff is trimming the edges of the rubber flooring under the glow of the interior lights powered by 600 volts.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Pulling up the masking tape which protected the wooden floor from the adhesive.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Framed by the north train door Mike Gilles is at the stinger as we are finally ready to try to get out of the barn for a second time.   Joseph Hazinski photo

We made it to Blackhawk! as Jeff raises the pole for the return trip to Castlemuir.   Joseph Hazinski photo

The gang mills around the Blackhawk platform before we head back to South Elgin.  Everyone is encouraged that we might make the May 9th opening day goal.   Joseph Hazinski photo

Only a few sample seat cushions and backs are on hand and installed as the others were still at the upholstery shop in Chicago.  Trainmaster Damin Keenan is testing one of the seats.   Joseph Hazinski photo

4451 heads south towards Switch 54 on another shake down run.   Joseph Hazinski photo

All three shake down trips were made on May 2nd and here we see the car back after the last one before the car went back to the barn.   Joseph Hazinski photo

On Wednesday May 5th Fred Lonnes is assembling one of the all new Adlake shades to be installed in the car while everyone is waiting for the remainder of the seats.   Mike Gilles photo

A happy Jeff Bennett is carrying a seat cushion up from his ambulance on Thursday May 6th as now the car can be made whole and be placed into service on opening day May 9th.   Mike Gilles photo

All the shades are all in place and the backs and cushions are waiting to be installed over the next two days.  The car debuted on Mothers Day as planned.  It has had some teething problems but the Car Department is addressing them one by one and crew members are being qualified.  Little details are being attended to as well but it is sure nice to have 4451 back in the operating fleet.   Mike Gilles photo

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